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EV Projects

Adds value to existing space

These solar panels on stilts provide a great solution when land is not available, when solar needs to be married with EV charging and when the opportunity arises to use the space multiple times. To park cars, to generate electricity and to combine the two!

EV Projects

As well as developing great fields full of solar panels, PS Renewables has gained an enviable reputation in developing industry leading Parking Lot Solar PV canopies.
Our projects vary by country and state, depending on the investment conditions and regulations.

The Reason Why

We recognize that Parking Lot Canopies are more expensive to install than ‘normal’ ground mount solar, and the solution often only works when there are additional incentives to install such a solution, or when we can combine Energy Generation with Solar, Energy Storage and EV Charging.

PS Renewables is now one of the leading Parking Lot Canopy developers in Massachusetts. Our projects will soon provide income for the parking lot owner, the municipality and exciting options for Energy Storage and EV charging. It is a bonus that the canopy will protect vehicles from sun and snow!

Working with us

We think and work on a big scale. We don’t back away from a challenge. Take a look at what we do.