Operation & Maintenance

Protecting your solar investment for the long term

Our maintenance service

At PS Renewables we listen to our customers, and what we hear them say is: “we’re the best in the industry”, and that we’re: “easy to do business with”. It’s this positive narrative that motivates us to provide the service we do, day in, day out. Our service offering is not just about keeping a site clean and tidy and in working order, it’s about making sure we do that little bit extra, every day…

Our Experience

Everything we do at PS Renewables is about maximising your profit, whilst at the same time protecting the asset for its long-term production, appearance and blending in with the local community. We manage some of the oldest “Feed-In-Tariff” solar farms within the UK, along with some of the very largest ROC projects at close to 50 megawatts. We understand that your assets are alive (in a way, living things), and therefore we’ve capable teams who undertake High Voltage, Low Voltage, Inverter, Transformer and Switchgear management and warranties.

It is not just about keeping the site of the installation looking good and free from technical problems, we also manage all of the administration and accountancy including all invoicing and HMRC regulations. In addition, we can manage all contracts, such as landscaping, landowner rent and site security.

We comply with the latest electrical code and have a fully trained team of engineers who work will all the major network operations, for example, Western Power, UK Power Networks and Scottish and Southern. We are accredited member of the NICEIC Approved Contractor Scheme, CSCS and ECS.

Our parent companies bring 10 years’ experience of solar farm development, design, construction and maintenance from across Europe. In the UK, PS Renewables has been operating for over 4 years and now manages the operation and maintenance of 34 sites generating over 250 megawatts.

How does it work?

Every site is different in terms of size, layout and pasture, so we do not give standard prices per acre. In order for us to be able to manage your solar farm, we conduct an industry standard Acceptance Survey of the site, and only then do we put forward a recommendation for the most suitable package based on your requirements.

We have developed a full and comprehensive service across our 3 packages of Gold, Silver and Green that includes all levels of ground, technical and financial maintenance and management. A detailed monthly report enables you to see how your asset is performing.

Within each package there is a scope of scheduled maintenance tasks, each with a defined frequency for the year. Once agreed, this schedule of works will form part of the O&M contract. Each scheduled task is loaded in our Yearly Planner and a Senior O&M Engineer is assigned to your site. Corrective maintenance will occur either from early fault diagnosis identified from physical on-site checks, or from automatic fault detection via our Monitoring System. Either way, once a problem has been identified, the relevant engineer will visit the site to repair the fault.

Importantly, we provide you with a single point of contact should you have any questions on the management of your asset.

More information

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