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PS Renewables enters fast-growing US market


PS Renewables enters fast-growing US market

The US solar market has seen impressive growth in 2016; in the third quarter alone over 4 GW was installed reaching a total of 35.8 GW of capacity (SEIA). According to Greentech Media Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) the fourth quarter will beat that number with an estimated 4.8 GW. They forecast similar growth figures for 2017 in terms of both general solar and the utility segment PS Renewables operates in.

As noted in Solar Power Portal PS Renewables is participating in this growth with their recent entrance in the US market. Initially focusing on the East Coast, PS Renewables will develop projects in relatively large solar states, such as North Carolina, and in less mature solar states like Tennessee. New projects will range from 1 MW to 100 MW.

Meanwhile in Europe…

Last week EU countries accepted an extension of the minimum import price (MIP) on solar panels in Europe. The mechanism has existed since 2013 to protect European solar panel manufacturers against the dumping of solar panels by foreign, mostly Chinese, manufacturers. Initially, a 24-month extension was rejected by the EU-member states, leading to a revised proposal from the European Commission.

The new proposal consists of an 18-month extension of the minimum import price. A final decision on the proposal is still to be made but in all likelihood the measures will be extended. The trade duties protect the European panel manufacturers from Chinese panels flooding the European market below cost price. However, the risk exists that the minimum import prices keep the solar unnecessarily expensive, limiting further deployment of solar in the EU.