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PS Renewables and Push Energy merge their UK O&M businesses

Merger creates one of Europe’s largest O&M companies

PS Renewables and Push Energy have merged their UK Operations & Maintenance (O&M) activities, creating a business with truly national reach and scale, giving customers even more field-based resource and technical ability to manage and maintain their important solar and generation assets. The new Joint Venture is to be called PSH Operations and is thought to be the first time the industry has seen two highly respected UK O&M companies merge together.

Both PS and Push saw the obvious potential in bringing their collective O&M divisions together as a platform for growth.  In practical terms, there is little overlap geographically, with Push based in the east of the UK (Essex), and PS further west (Berkshire).

Nicola Waters (former COO of Primrose Solar) has been appointed Managing Director for PSH Operations. She said: “In my previous role as the COO of a major asset owner, PS Renewables was my most trusted and capable O&M provider. O&M needs to change and PSH Operations can be a leader in its field, with truly national reach and scale.  Customers want the basics done well, but increasingly they want value-adding services and aligned incentives to ensure that asset availability and performance are top priorities.  Innovation and creative thinking will be a key differentiator between O&M providers, and will be a particular strength of this new venture.”

The merger provides a national footprint and scale, giving comfort to new and existing customers that need a reputable, trusted and bankable O&M provider.  PSH Operations will now manage close to 600MW of UK solar, along with 114MW of Gas Peaker and a new 7MW Battery plant, making it one of the largest multi-technology O&M companies in Europe.

Matt Hazell, Commercial Director, PS Renewables, said: “We’re so pleased to be working with the team at Push Energy. Both companies saw a clear divide opening up in the marketplace between those O&M companies that invest in training and using skilled in-house teams and those which simply sub-contract O&M services to third parties. This new merger will see PSH using highly skilled, in-house staff to ensure our customers get the service they deserve.”

Next Energy Solar Fund has contracted with the PSH Operations for the O&M services at their 15MW Bilsham plant, in a vote of confidence for the new merger Abid Kazim, Managing Director, UK, said: “We are familiar with both companies. The companies share a similar in-house philosophy, and this merger provides them scale, capacity and depth of talent.”

Both PS Renewables and Push Energy will continue to grow their other businesses in the UK and abroad. PS Renewables has recently connected its first site in the U.S. and purchased a large development company, whilst Push Energy has also contracted a number of Gas Peaker projects and is now developing opportunities in the second build-phase under zero subsidy.