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Time to plan hedge trimming before the nesting season


The start of the New Year brings with it a timely reminder that we have only six or seven weeks to go before the start of the nesting season. Exactly when the season starts is determined by the severity of the winter weather. Temperature wise, so far this winter hasn’t been the coldest by any means, so it may be that nesting will occur slightly early. So you need to start making the necessary provisions for hedge trimming now it will be August before these hedges can be trimmed again!

As well as keeping your site free from any shading, hedge maintenance can also be an important part of your Landscaping Commitments within the site’s Planning Permission Hedge Trimming is included in our O&M Packages of scheduled maintenance and we understand the importance of timing as well the impact that poor maintenance or execution can have on your solar site.

Our professional teams are specifically trained in Solar PV Park Operation and Maintenance, we are your ideal partner when it comes to all aspects of Landscaping and Ground Management. PS Maintenance is part of the Padero Solaer group, we have more than 10 years’ experience in managing solar installations across the world. Our services, whether a simple hedge trim or a full turn-key Gold service, are fully insured and bankable. We work for more funds and EPCs than any other O&M company in the UK and offer a range of packages to suit your operation and maintenance needs