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UK breaks energy mix records & clean energy promotion in Massachusetts


UK breaks energy mix records

The months have seen several green energy records broken in the UK, thanks to the growth in renewable generation plants over recent years. The record breaking spree started on the March 25th when National Grid reported that for the first time ever transmission system’s demands were lower in the afternoon than overnight. This was largely attributed to sunny weather which allowed solar production to peak.

Just over two weeks later, on April 9th, the record breaking continued. According to mygridgb.co.uk solar was responsible for its highest share ever in the UK’s total energy demand with 26.25%. Shortly after that, the highest renewable energy generation was recorded at 47% of total energy demand.

On April 22nd another landmark was achieved; the UK did not use coal for electricity generation for over 24 hours. The previous record was set at 19 hours in May last year.
The achievement of these milestones indicates that the UK has shown impressive green growth. However, there is still much to do and PS Renewables is determined to continue playing a role in greening the UK.

Massachusetts continues clean energy promotion projects

Over in the US, Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker has launched six new programs to promote the development of clean energy. These new projects are against a backdrop of a wider push in Massachusetts for solar and other green technologies. For example, Massachusetts released a new incentive programme to make green energy affordable for more people. Massachusetts solar push is remarkable considering the lack of support for clean energy from the Trump administration.

Massachusetts is one of the states where PS Renewables hopes to build solar projects so we are very pleased to see the state promoting of green energy initiatives. In 2016 Massachusetts added 406 MW to its portfolio bringing the total to more than 1.4 GW. This makes Massachusetts the 7th largest US solar state.