About Us

The company and the team

PS Renewables, which is the customer facing name for Padero Solaer USA Inc, is a proud privately employee owned company building on the successful partnership and joint venture between Padero Solar and Bosques Solaer. We established this unique joint venture in March 2012 with the overall objective to develop, design, build and maintain commercial scale solar energy infrastructure around the world. Since this partnership was created, PS Renewables has already connected over 255 megawatts of clean, green energy

Furthermore, through our Operation and Maintenance service we are managing more than 350 megawatts for our clients, both built by us and from third parties ensuring these solar farms are producing reliable and sustainable energy for the long term.

Bosques Solaer

Bosques Solaer is a respected and trusted renewable energy company founded in 2004 with the objective of providing professional solutions to environmental energy needs. The company is globally linked, and operates in Spain, Italy, France, Chile, Israel, Japan and, as part of this joint venture, the UK and the United States.

Solaer pride themselves on build quality, and have a team of dedicated engineers, designers and technical staff who deliver the end product with ease and ultimate efficiency. This quality and dedication has been proven many times, as Solaer has now built 350 megawatts across the globe – of which 255 megawatts has been in the UK as PS Renewables.

Padero Solar

Padero Solar Limited is a Development, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (DEPC) company that was created in 2011. The company firmly believes that the future of renewable solar generation sits within utility scale solar farms, and therefore focusses all its energies within this exciting and growing sector. The company is now operating within the UK, the United States, the Caribbean and the Netherlands.