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At PS Renewables we listen to our customers, and what we hear them say is: “we’re the best in the industry”, and that we’re: “easy to do business with”. It’s this positive narrative that motivates us to provide the service we do, day in, day out. Our service offering is not just about keeping a site clean and tidy and in working order, it’s about making sure we do that little bit extra, every day…

The Green Package

Our Green package offers EPC contractors the opportunity to outsource green services such as grass management, fence, hedge and tree maintenance.

The green package also includes a visual inspection of fences, buildings and other structures on your site. Minor repairs such as fence netting, gutters, roof felt, locks and potholes are included in the package.

The Green Package includes:

  • Grass Cutting
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Visual Checks of Fences, Panels, and Structures
  • Weed Control
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Weather station inspections
The Silver Package

Our most popular package, Silver includes everything from the Green Package plus. Our team are fully electrically qualified, and are regularly assessed.

An ongoing training programme for both High and Low voltage ensures you always get a high quality service from US certified staff, along with peace of mind.

The Silver Package includes:

  • All aspects of green package
  • Scheduled LV testing
  • Annual HV inspection
  • HV certification
  • Security system tests
  • Communication system analysis
The Gold Package

Our Gold Package is the most comprehensive service level available, and includes all of the High and Low Voltage electrical maintenance from the Silver package, along with the site maintenance from the Green package.

In addition, it also offers an extensive package of reporting and administration, aerial thermography and inspections using our drones.

The Gold Package includes:

  • All aspects of green and silver package
  • Monthly performance report
  • Administrations of subsidies and PPA
  • Annual Thermography report
  • Administration of Subsidies and PPA

More information

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