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Why we support HB365 in NH

PS Renewables is reaching out to New Hampshire Representatives to support the Veto Override of HB365

In Spring of 2019, with an overwhelming majority, the New Hampshire House and Senate passed HB365 which would raise the States Net Metering Cap from 1 Megawatt to 5 Megawatts.

On June 3rd, Governor Chris Sununu Vetoed HB365, calling the bill “a regressive cost burden on citizens that benefits large scale solar developers, while hurting all ratepayers”

PS Renewables, and Clean Energy New Hampshire, have been gathering information showing the actual benefits and savings to ratepayers, and working to support the Override of the Veto of HB365, by reaching out to Representatives in support of this Veto Override. Veto Override Day will be held in September.


Clean Energy NH materials:

The final result: