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View Our Clean Projects That Are Either In-development, In-build Or Importantly Producing Clean Green Renewable Energy

Click on the right to see our traditional solar assets (below 50 megawatt), and our announced fleet of Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs)

In Development

Gander Down Solar Farm | Hampshire,

Pure Life Energy | Gloucestershire,

Living Energy | Devon,

Simple Energy | Bristol,

Cox’s Brook Solar Farm | Gloucestershire,

Church Lane Solar | Lincolnshire,

Lady Wood Solar | Derbyshire,

Mawkin Lane Solar | Nottinghamshire,

Fen Road Solar | Lincolnshire

In Build

These projects are being constructed now, and will shortly be producing clean renewable energy

Hamer Warren | Hampshire

Built and Producing

These projects have been connected to the grid system, and are therefore producing clean, green, renewable energy from the sun. These projects are collectively producing over 300 Megawatts of annual production, this is a massive positive contribution towards Pure, Breathable, Clean Air.

Eastcott Cross Solar Farm | Cornwall,

Hazel Farm | South Wales,

Chard Solar Farm | Somerset,

Beachampton Solar Farm | Buckinghamshire,

6A Deepy | Devon,

Rexon Cross Solar Farm | Devon,

Foxcombe Solar Farm | Devon,

Nottington Lane Solar Farm | Dorset,

Cobbs Cross Solar Farm | Somerset,

Kingsland Barton Solar Farm | Devon,

New Rendy Solar Farm | Somerset,

Kerriers | Devon,

Canworthy Solar Farm | Cornwall,

Iwood Lanr Solar Farm | Somerset,

Sutton Bridge Solar Farm | Somerset,

Bidwell Solar Farm | Cornwall,

Hoplass Solar Farm | Pembrokeshire,

Laughton Levels Solar Farm | East Sussex,

Redcourt Solar Farm | Camarthenshire,

Slade Solar Farm | Devon,

Carditch Drove Solar Farm | Somerset,

Oakfield Solar Farm | Hampshire,

Eveley Solar Farm | Hampshire,

Ellesmere Port | Merseyside,

Huntington | Merseyside,

Swansea | Glamorganshire,

Arborfield | Berkshire,

Solar Light | Berkshire