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Guaranteed return for your investment

Our work with investors

Over the past few years, PS Renewables has built up a solid reputation for “doing” what we say we “do”. It’s for this reason we’ve enjoyed many years working with our funders and asset manages. If you would like to purchase sites from PS Renewables, or ask us to build sites for you, please get in touch.

The UK Energy Market

The UK energy market is comprehensive, and robust, providing many solid investment opportunities. The solar photovoltaic (pv) energy market has grown extremely fast due to embedded support from government backed Feed-In-Tariff’s (FIT) and Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROC’s) that yielded-up strong returns for investors and developers alike.

From a Renewables point of view, and in particular Solar technology, the industry is moving quickly to the next phase, whereby the need for subsidies may not be a prerequisite to available funds, or project success. In fact, PS Renewables is now working on a number of projects that will likely fit this profile in 2016 and beyond, ensuring the deployment of solar generation continues long into the future.

Keeping it simple

As an investor, you need to keep it simple and de-risk along the way, and at PS Renewables we do this for you by identifying and developing quality solar assets, that are ready for investment. Within this process we also provide “bankable” assurance that we comply with all regulation and due process for every site we build or market.

You can be sure that we develop all project rights documentation that smooths the purchase process, and de-risks you, the investor. At PS Renewables we are wholly committed to delivering high standards in development, build and exit strategy. We will always help any investment conversation, so if you’re looking for opportunities within our current pipeline, then please get in touch.

Recently completed solar farms

Working with us

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