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Pure, Breathable,
Clean Air

Who we are

PS Renewables is one of the largest renewable energy development and construction companies within the United Kingdom.

We believe that Pure, Breathable, Clean Airis a basic right for every living thing on our planet.  We’re proud to contribute to this belief every day, be it through our early-stage energy developments, or better still via our already operating solar projects in the UK.

Since we were established in 2012, we have rapidly become one of the UK’s largest renewable energy development and construction companies, having built over 300 megawatts of solar farms during the subsidy period of 2012 to 2016.  Since the withdrawal of these subsidy schemes in 2017, we have focused on developing larger utility scale (and subsidy free) energy projects – mainly solar farms, co-located with battery storage.  As such, PS Renewables is one of the largest developers of Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects, with over 7 gigawatts of projects in development today.

We are immensely proud of our proven track-record of developing, designing, building, and maintaining our energy projects here in the UK.  Our projects are owned and backed by some of the world’s largest funders and energy utilities who also have aspirations for more clean renewable energy.

We are also proud that we’re contributing towards clean tech jobs here in the UK and changing an entire industry direction, whilst fully supporting Pure, Breathable, Clean Air.

At PS Renewables, we combine our expertise in renewable energy development along with construction and maintenance that helps create an eco-system that supports the need for Pure, Breathable, “Clean Air”.

How do we do this?  First and foremost, at its core PS Renewables is a trusted Energy Development Company (EDC), meaning we develop significant and meaningful renewable energy projects here in the UK.

Second (and importantly), once consented we look to build our development projects, as we’re also an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company.

Finally, once built, we also maintain the energy project as part of the Operations & Maintenance (O&M).

Over the past decade, we have developed, designed and built over 30 solar farms here in the UK, and we’re proud to say our projects are either owned outright, or backed by some of the world’s largest energy funds and utilities companies.

Padero Solaer Limited is formed to develop, design and build residential and commercial roof-top solar in the UK.
The team at Padero Solar are introduced to Bosques Solaer SL. Both parties decide to create a new Joint Venture called Padero Solaer Limited (Companies House: 08021337).  Today this joint venture trades as PS Renewables.

In June, we complete our first ground-mounted solar farm, Eastcott Cross. At the time, this 5MW solar farm is one of the largest projects in the UK.

In January, we complete our tenth solar farm, Kingsland Barton Solar Farm (6MW).

Canworthy Solar Farm (43MW) completes in December and is one of the largest solar farms in the UK, providing enough clean energy to power more than 10,000 houses.

Hoplass Solar Farm (8MW) completes in March – our first solar farm in Wales.

We complete our twentieth solar farm, Carditch Grove (8MW). Together, our projects produce more than 150MW of clean energy.

The UK subsidy for solar comes to an end.

In March, we connect Eveley Solar Farm (49MW), our biggest build so far and the third largest solar farm in the UK.

Padero Solaer Limited establishes PS Renewables Inc in the US. PS Renewables Inc purchases a majority share in North Carolina Renewable Energy to develop solar and storage projects in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee.

Having successfully developed a large UK Operations & Maintenance business, PS Renewables opened discussions with PUSH Energy (also a large O&M company).  Both companies could see the value in merging their collective operations businesses.  Shortly thereafter, the two companies created a Joint Venture called PSH-Operations Limited, providing management and operational services to over 650 MW of solar generating capacity in the UK.

With the UK subsidy for solar at an end, PS Renewables started to propose large scale solar energy farms that could address the urgent national need for more renewable energy.  This was the entry point into Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP’s), with the first one being Sunnica Energy Farm Limited, and shortly thereafter Longfield Solar Farm, both large scale solar projects with 500MW connections.

By the end of 2018, we have built more than 300MW of solar-generating capacity and, via PSH Operations, are managing another 850MW of third-party assets in the UK.

PSH Operations now manages more than 1GW of UK solar-generating capacity, making it one the largest Opeations & Management companies in the UK.
We are commissioned by United Utilities to build Huntingdon Solar Farm (8.6MW).

As part of the NSIP fleet we are developing, PS Renewables partners with EDF Renewables UK to bring forward proposals for Longfield Solar Farm (a proposed 500MW solar and battery farm).

With a planned focus on the UK market, we sell the American based PS Renewables Inc-NCRE, which had developed projects in 13 eastern border states. These states had a combined pipeline of more than 3.6GW of solar assets.
We now have over grid connection agreements with National Grid with a combined capacity of 7GW, and a total of 13 NSIP projects under development.

Sunnica Energy Farm and Longfield Solar Farm enter the  “Examination” phase of the DCO planning process.

We purchase our Reading office, ready for expansion in the wider engineering, delivery and development teams.

Longfield Solar Farm is consented by the government on 28 June 2023 – our first solar NSIP to receive its Development Consent Order (DCO), a significant milestone for PS Renewables and the wider industry.
An exciting partnership is forged with Orsted Renewables UK to develop a significant NSIP project in Nottinghamshire – One Earth Solar Farm is proposed to be a 740MW Solar Farm with associated Battery Storage which is our largest proposed project to date.
PS Renewables sells it’s “Operations & Maintenance business (PSH Operations), this is the largest sale of an O&M business in the UK, with close to 2GW of solar assets under management.
PS Renewables again partners with EDF Renewables UK to develop Rosefield Solar Farm – a solar farm and battery project in Buckinghamshire, this is the second project with EDF Renewables following the success of Longfield Solar Farm.

Our team is one of the best in the business. With decades of experience between us, we have made it our mission to understand the renewable energy sector, top to bottom. Our combined knowledge and sector expertise has brought PS Renewables to the forefront of the industry. Together, we’re proud to contribute towards Pure, Breathable, “Clean Air”.

Glenn Lockhart

Owner & UK Board Member

Glenn is one of the original founders of PS Renewables, whom with an entrepreneurial spirit has developed, operated and grown PS Renewables for more than 12 years. Glenn started his working life as an electrician in a Scottish shipyard before further engineering and business management roles both abroad and in the UK which then led him to the renewable energy sector. Until recently (and since the establishment of PS Renewables), Glenn has had the important role of Managing Director, and therefore had been responsible for the financial management, Engineering, Procurement and Construction side of the business.

Matt Hazell

Owner & UK Board Member

Matt is also one of the original founders of PS Renewables, and has been involved with every aspect of this exciting energy business, with a clear focus on commercial growth throughout.

Over the past decade, Matt has created many utility scale solar energy projects, and has devoted time on relationships with key manufacturers, funding and co-development partners from around the world. The forming of these relationships has seen PS Renewables become one of the world’s largest renewable energy developers, with over 8 gigawatts of projects currently under development.

Since 2018, Matt has driven a strategic ambition to develop Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP’s), which can range from 400 megawatts to over 1 gigawatt in size. Matt is also forging new relationships with vital technical partners such as battery, wind & hydrogen solution providers, with a clear view to contributing towards “Clean Air” and the reduction of fossil fuels.

Jose Luis Gandia

Managing Director

Jose joined the PS Renewables team as Managing Director in 2020, helping to guide the business during a significant period of expansion into the wider renewables sector. Jose began his career in the renewable energy sector in 2008; since then, he has worked on more than 100 different renewable energy projects. Specialising in solar energy, Jose has held a range of management roles in businesses operating in Spain, Italy, France, UK and Denmark, allowing him to become well-versed in all things pertaining to solar farm development. Jose has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Universitat Jaume I and an MBA in Business Administration from Escuela de Organización Industrial in Spain.

Jeremy Hinton

Commercial Director

As Commercial Director, Jeremy leads our development teams and supports the business via asset acquisition. With X19 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector, Jeremy has developed more than 120MW of solar & energy projects and once built continued to manage 48MW of assets. Prior to joining PS Renewables, Jeremy spent 13 years as COO of New Forest Energy Ltd and six years as Group Development Director for Meyrick Estate Management, building its renewable energy portfolio. After earning a BA in Economics from UWE Bristol, Jeremy rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in 2003, and walked to the North Pole in 2006.

Vanessa John


Vanessa joined PS Renewables in May 2022 and assists with the administration in the office and on site, keeping the team and the business in good order.

Graham Andrews

Lead Project Manager - NSIP

As Lead Project Manager for our NSIP fleet, Graham is responsible for our large-scale solar farms combined with battery storage, overseeing each project from its development phase through to construction and Operations & Management. With a strong focus on client relationships and satisfaction, he continues to forge growing relationships with both landowners and investors.

Carolyn Hanks

Office Manager

Carolyn has been with PS Renewables since 2021. As the Office Manager she has a varied role. Primarily, Carolyn supports the NSIP development team, coordinating National Grid contracts whilst growing her relationships with landowners and investors. Carolyn also supports the senior management team with all matters relating to Health and Safety and HR management.

Greg Felix

Lead Development Manager, UK South

Greg’s role in the development team includes identifying suitable locations for solar and battery storage projects, engaging with landowners, and agreeing terms for leasing the land. From there, he supports the whole development process, handling legal agreements and planning applications.

Giles Houlston

Lead Development Manager, UK North

Giles has spent more than 14 years in the renewable energy sector. In his role at PS Renewables, Giles is responsible for developing solar farms in the UK’s northern counties. In this role, he handles everything from negotiating land rental agreements to preparing documents for planning applications.

Paloma Ugedo Alvarez-Ossorio


Paloma brings more than 15 years of experience as a financial controller to her role at PS Renewables. She looks after all things accounting – from accounts and purchasing management, budgets of different areas of our business as well as cash flow control and taxes.

John Towie

Grid/ICP Manager

As Grid/ICP Manager, John looks after everything to do with the GRID and connection of our renewable energy assets. He is responsible for Distribution Network analysis, grid applications, management of Independent Connection Providers (IPC) and Distribution Network Operators (DNO). The grid applications he manages range from 5MW connecting at 11KV to 49.9MW connecting at 132KV.

Taha Khan

Technical Design Engineer

As a Technical Design Engineer at PS Renewables, Taha is responsible for the design and construction of our solar farms, as well as the technical aspects of developing proposed sites. Most recently, Taha has been involved in the commissioning of our Burfield site, Solar Light.

Stuart Jones

Site Manager

Having worked around the world as an electrical engineer, Stuart is responsible for solar farm construction at PS Renewables. As a site manager, he oversees all aspects of management and construction, from site set-up and construction, connection and commissioning, to operation to decommissioning. Stuart is also responsible for Health & Safety management and site logistics.

Nacho Ubeda

Technical & Engineering Manager

Nacho is our Technical Manager responsible for the design of our PV solar farm sites. As such, he is responsible for the ultimate functionality, performance, and operation of our portfolio. Nacho has built and connected solar farms that range in output from 5MW to 50MW.

Adrian Jones

Site Manager

Adrian spent 11 years in the Royal Navy Submarine Service as an electrical/electronic Artificer, followed by various civilian roles in a supervisory capacity. Adrian has recently joined us as a Site Supervisor. He assists our Project Manager in the day-to-day supervision of site construction, logistics and health & Safety management.

Aaron Tucker

Operations Director

As Operations Director, Aaron oversees the day-to-day running of the business, with a focus on compliance and efficiency. He brings more than 20 years of electrical knowledge and experience to the business, including 9 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector. Aaron began his career with an electrical engineering apprenticeship, before working on large-scale industrial electrical projects across the UK. Since 2014, when he first entered the renewable energy sector, Aaron has been involved with more than 50 utility-scale UK renewable energy projects, building and leading teams, whilst consulting and advising on projects internationally.

Wayne Munson

Site Manager

Wayne brings a wealth of knowledge to PS Renewables, with a successful career in the construction industry spanning over two decades. Over the course of his career, Wayne has worked in various roles, from the installation of projects through to project and site management. He also previously ran his own scaffolding and roofing company, and previously studied to be a probation officer.

Wayne has found a passion in his management role within the construction industry, ensuring all projects he is involved in have the highest standards of health, safety, compliance and quality. He is instrumental in helping PS Renewables build safe, high-quality projects within the UK.

Dan Brindle

Lead Project Manager - NSIP

Dan joined PS Renewables in 2022 as Lead Project Manager, specialising in utility-scale NSIPs. Dan’s role sees him work closely with landowners, land agents, and funding partners from the initial site selection through to the build stage of each project. Dan understands the environmental and economic benefits that renewable energy can bring to landowners, local communities and investors, and he brings this understanding to his day-to-day exchanges with our clients and partners.

James Walker

Senior Planning Manager

James is responsible for progressing PS Renewables’ sub-50MW projects through all stages of the planning process, including to prepare and manage planning applications. James is a Chartered town planner with around 15 years’ experience in the energy sector, primarily in renewables, working for development companies and as a planning consultant.
Pure, Breathable,
Clean Air