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Environment & Community

Simply and honestly, at PS Renewables all we’re trying to do is contribute towards “Clean Air”, whilst making a meaningful impact on the immediate challenge of climate change that our collective planet faces.

It is without doubt that the climate is changing, and you see the effects everyday in the news, on social media and maybe even your own lives.   The change we are all seeing matters, and therefore we can no longer sit back and wave-past one of the biggest threats to life on this planet.

The renewable energy projects that PS Renewables have and will continue to bring forward are already making a direct contribution to tackling climate change, whilst supporting the need for Clean Air.  Our projects are also helping to meet the UK’s obligations towards Net50, a legal obligation that helps everyone on this planet.  But much more needs to be done, and quickly.

In addition, caring for and improving the natural environment in which we all live is a key motivation for our team.  At a project level we are fully committed to increasing local biodiversity and increasing the quality of wildlife habitats in or around our energy developments.  In this way, our projects  provide important environmental benefits (at a global and national level), but also for local habitats and communities too.

Fundamental to this approach is our desire to be a good neighbour and a beneficial partner to the communities that host our projects.  Each scheme that we propose will bring forward an appropriate community package that the local people can help shape to align with potential requirements, such as long walks (permissive paths), training for environmental learning or even funding for local sports and leisure teams.

With good development practices and community engagement we aim to ensure that everybody wins from the deployment of renewable energy resources and Clean Air.