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Ground mounted solar offers a great potential for your land

Our Work with Landowners

We have designed and built over 990 acres of ground mounted solar farms in the UK

How it works

As a farmer or landowner, you will have seen the change in the UK countryside, as more and more land is being used to build solar farms in order to create green energy.

The reason for this is because the UK government wants to re-address our energy mix so that there is less reliance on imported, carbon based fuel; and it is doing this by investing in clean renewable energy. There is an opportunity for you, as a landowner to be part of this, by renting out your land as a solar farm for the next 25 years. The benefit to you, is that it is a guaranteed stable income for a set time period, and after 25 years, then land can be returned to its former agricultural use.

In order for you to be able to rent your land or fields, it has to fit certain requirements. If it does, the land then needs to get development rights which involves planning permission through local community engagement and the local council and application to the national grid. There is no cost to you the landowner. Once approved, the solar farm is then designed and built, and depending on size this can take approximately 8 – 12 weeks. We have built quicker – a 32 acre solar farm took us just under 4 weeks to build – from drilling the first post to connecting the site to the national grid. During this process this solar asset is sold to an investor, who then becomes the owner of the solar farm. They will then be responsible for paying you the agreed rent and for maintaining and operating the site over the next 25 years.

What we can do for you

As a developer of solar farms, PS Renewables can assess your land, free of charge. If it is suitable for investment, we will then look to obtain the development rights. We will then design and build the solar farm and market it to our investor partners. Once purchased, we will then look to maintain and operate the solar farm for its lifetime, on behalf of its owner. This may include managing rental payments to you, the landowner.

It is important as a developer, and builder of solar farms, that we engage in the local community. This is obviously essential in gaining the initial planning permission, and hugely important when constructing the site, so there is minimal impact on people going about their daily business. We have a separate website (www.mylocalsolarpark.com), which gives the local community information about solar farms we are currently building and ones that are in planning. It is important to recognise that as the landowner considering a solar farm, the local community is fully engaged and aware.

We have successfully developed, built and sold over 22 solar farms generating 155 MW of clean energy in the last 3 years, and would welcome the opportunity to help develop a solar farm on your land.