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We’re proud to announce that our latest project, Hamer Warren, has been successfully connected to the electricity network. The PS Renewables team has been working closely with Network Operator SSE to be one of the first Solar PV Plant to introduce new technologies such as Active Network Management (ANM). ANM allows the network operator to have more control on the UK’s electricity networks allowing us to help meet the ever-growing demand for clean, green renewable energy.

Hamer Warren Solar Farm has a DC installed capacity of 28.5MWp and will power 5703 homes every year, making an important contribution to tackling climate change and towards our mission of Pure, Breathable Clean Air. Hamer Warren Solar Farm has been constructed and installed with the utmost empathy and consideration for its surrounding environment. The plant is sited comfortably in a location within New Forest, Dorset. Our passion for ensuring the ecological system is supported in partnership with the new PV Plant includes the addition of community footpaths, along with a planting scheme of nearly 3000 new trees, and wildflowers to help support insect life.

Operation Director, Aaron Tucker said: It’s a great feeling to be a part of a great team and we are delighted that Hamer Warren is now fully operational and will join our operational solar fleet providing clean energy to UK homes and businesses. We’d like to thank the local community and all who have supported us throughout the development and construction phases of Hamer Warren.