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Step forward as COP28 pledges to transition away from fossil fuels

As one of the UK’s largest renewable energy development and construction companies, our mission is simple: make a meaningful impact on the immediate challenge of climate change that we all face.

We are heartened by the progress made at COP28 this week, with 200 countries acknowledging for the first time the need to transition away from fossil fuels to avert the worst effects of climate change.

The announcement follows the news that renewable energy projects supplied more than 40% of the UK’s electricity during the last three months – with coal’s contribution dropping to less than 1%, the lowest in over a century.

Renewable energy will continue to play a crucial role in our planet’s future and energy transition. With over 300MW of installed solar capacity and 7GW in our development pipeline, our projects have and will continue to make a direct contribution to tackling climate change, while supporting the need for Clean Air.

You can read more on the key outcomes of COP28 here.